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Dear ACBL Club Directors,

Would you like an affordable, attractive website -- customized for your club’s needs?

Iím a marketing professional with a small business creating websites for ACBL Club Directors.

As a long-time duplicate player, I’m sensitive to the fact that the labor of a club director is one of love and dedication to the game, so I’ve tried to keep my fees modest and acceptable within your business model. I think you will find them to be far below commercial rates for this work, without sacrificing any quality.

The BridgeSightsTM Package consists of:

  • 3 Customized Pages: Club Description & Announcements, Game Results, and Directions to your Club
  • Additional Pages, optional: Photo Gallery, Player Awards, Event Registration, Teaching, etc.
  • Regular posting of game results and announcement updates, and the most responsive service you will ever experience!
  • Rates vary by number of games per week, additional pages regularly updated.   Fully-ready sites start at $149, and up.
  • Web hosting and domain services


Ava Schutzman

Phone: (603) 791-4962

Email: ava@bridgesights.com

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